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You Comma Idiot by Doug Harris

You Comma Idiot

Why you should read this book:

You Comma Idiot by Doug Harris is written in the second person and readers are quickly absorbed into the narrator’s inner monologue, where he obsesses over his appearance, contemplates moral dilemmas and makes smart ass remarks. Lee thinks of himself as being pretty smart and is constantly putting down his friends and associates. He’s the type of character that will be familiar to most people — a slacker who sells dope, gets drunk daily and acts like he’s 19 even though he’s almost 30. Despite all this, you can’t help but find him oddly charming.

Why you shouldn’t read this book:

  • You don’t want to read a book written in the 2nd person.
  • Narrators who are lazy and irresponsible bother you.
  • You don’t like narrators who throw themselves pity parties.
  • You don’t like stories about drugs and drinking.

What You Comma Idiot by Doug Harris is about:

Lee Goodstone is nothing special. He’s a slacker, a drug dealer and a drunk who dreams of hooking up with his best friend’s girl, Honey. And subsequently, he’s perfectly content with his life as it is. Unfortunately, fate decides to throw a wrench in Lee’s life. His friend Henry is accused of kidnapping, which therefore puts Lee in the media spotlight. Then another friend begins muscling in on Lee’s dope business. Plus, Lee has to hide the fact that he’s hooked up with Honey. All Lee wants is for his life to return to being boring, but he’ll need a plan to make that happen.

Set in Montreal, YOU Comma Idiot is a darkly funny novel that is as relatable as it is absurd.

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