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The Mare by Mary Gaitskill

The Mare

Why you should read this book:

The Mare by Mary Gaitskill is a beautiful story about relationships and inner transformations. It explores the relationship between humans and horses as well as the relationship between mothers and daughters. Well-written and heartfelt, this novel makes you look inward at your own thoughts and motivations.

Why you shouldn’t read this book:

  • You prefer novels with lots of action.
  • Novels about relationships and communication bore you.
  • Character-driven novels aren’t your thing.
  • You want something fast-paced.

What The Mare by Mary Gaitskill is about:

The Mare is the story of Velveteen Vargas, (Velvet), and her relationship with Ginger, a middle-class artist who meets Velvet through the Fresh Air Fund. The Fresh Air Fund sends underprivileged kids from the city to live with well-to-do families in the country. What starts as a two-week visit turns into so much more as Velvet discovers a passion for horseback riding and a deep connection with Ginger. Soon Velvet becomes caught between two worlds — the world of her mother where she is both fiercely loved and fiercely beaten and the world of horses and unconditional support that Ginger provides.

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