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The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman

The Home for Unwanted Girls

Why you should read this book:

A heartwrenching story that sheds light on a nasty part of Quebec’s history, The Home for Unwanted Girls, makes you consider the consequences of the decisions you make. Written in vivid detail, this story is emotional and educational. Readers will root for the characters, rejoice at their successes and cry at their failures.

Why you shouldn’t read this book:

  • You don’t like stories that detail child abuse.
  • Stories with little action bore you.
  • You don’t like to be reminded of the grimmer parts of history.
  • Realism fiction isn’t your thing.

What The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman is about:

At 16, Maggie gets pregnant and her parents force her to give up her child. Her baby ends up in an orphanage that eventually becomes a mental institution. Maggie’s daughter, Elodie, is declared mentally retarded and forced to care for the actual psychiatric patients. The nuns who oversee the institution are cruel, and Elodie suffers much physical, psychological and emotional abuse. Her only solace is the idea that one day her mother will come for her. Meanwhile, Maggie grows up and gets married, all the while plagued by guilt at having given up her child. Eventually, Maggie realizes she must find her daughter so that both their wounds can be healed.

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