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Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Scott Pilgrim

Why you should read these books:

Scott Pilgrim is a bit of a slacker, Scott Pilgrim is a bit of a nerd, Scott Pilgrim is a bit like us. Every 20-something will find something to relate to in Pilgrim’s story, whether it’s being broke and living in a shitty apartment, the politics of new relationships, or having to deal with a new girlfriend’s exes. Told with superhero flair and magic realism, this series of graphic novels is an excellent escape from reality.

Why you shouldn’t read these books:

  • Graphic novels aren’t your thing.
  • Video games aren’t for you.
  • You can’t relate to being awkward and 20.
  • You don’t appreciate pop-culture references.

What these books are about:

This 6-book graphic novel series follows the life of 23-year-old Scott Pilgrim. Scott lives in Toronto and plays bass guitar in a band. When we first meet him, he’s dating a seventeen-year-old and is between jobs. Then he has a dream about an Amazon delivery girl named Ramona, who just happens to turn up at his door the next day. It turns out that a convenient subspace highway goes through Scott’s head. Scott falls head over heels for Ramona, and they start to date. Everything seems perfect until Scott discovers that to be with Ramona, he has to first defeat her seven evil exes. In each of the books, Scott battles an evil ex, tries to manage his relationship with Ramona, while also showing up for band practice and avoiding his own past coming back to fight him.

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