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Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk


Why you should read this book:

Hilarious, weird and disturbing are the best words to describe this novel. Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk offers a series of stories, each one stranger than the last. If you like odd stories that are a bit horrifying but thoroughly entertaining, then this book is for you. Haunted is also the home of Palahniuk’s infamous story, “Guts.” This story, when read out loud, has caused people to faint, vomit and cry hysterically.

Why you shouldn’t read this book:

  • You have a weak stomach.
  • You’re easily scared.
  • Something scarred you as a child and you have no sense of humour.

What Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk is about:

Haunted is about a group of people that have innocently answered an ad for a writer’s retreat. Their host locks them in an abandoned theatre and tells them they have three months to write a great novel. He provides everything for them, but they won’t be able to leave until they produce their great magnum opus. At first, everything proceeds swimmingly until the group realizes that they could create a better story and be famous if their situation worsened. Individually, they begin to sabotage the food and utilities. Not realizing that everyone has the same plans, they end up destroying everything. Their quest to create the circumstances for fame eventually leads to death, murder, cannibalism, and self-mutilation.

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