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Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith

crown duel

Why you should read this book:

If fantastical medieval literature is your bent, then Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith is for you. This fantasy novel is an adventure rife with political savvy, cautious manipulations, and secret romances. Told from the point of view of the inexperienced Meliara, readers will appreciate her strife as she learns to operate in a world of double-meanings and subterfuge.

Why you shouldn’t read this book:

  • You aren’t interested in medieval-politics
  • Fantasy isn’t your cup of tea
  • You like fantasy novels to have epic fight scenes
  • You want something suspenseful and thrilling

What Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith is about:

Countess Meliara makes a deathbed promise to her father that she and her brother will overthrow the greedy King Galdran. However, their small county is ill-prepared for the war this promise brings about. They are lucky, therefore, that the Marquis of Shevraeth has a plan and an army. He takes charge of the war, bringing about its successful end. However, the end of the war is just the beginning. Although she would rather remain at home, Meliara takes up the mantle of politics to ensure that the right person ends up on the throne. Now instead of swords, Countess Meliara must contend with words as she joins the royal palace and its maze of secret alliances and deceptions.

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