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Breaking Night by Liz Murray

Breaking Night

Why you should read this book:

Liz Murray was dealt a bad hand in life, and it held her back in many respects. Ultimately though it doesn’t stop her from getting a prestigious scholarship and attending Harvard University. A gritty story, full of hardship, this book will ultimately inspire you to be grateful for your own life and motivate you to make the most out of even the hardest of circumstances.

Why you shouldn’t read this book:

  • You don’t like stories about life on the streets.
  • Books that deal with drug abuse and homelessness depress you.
  • You aren’t into memoirs.

What Breaking Night by Liz Murray is about:

Breaking Night by Liz Murray is the story of one woman’s fight to overcome the circumstances of her early life. Born into poverty to drug-addicted parents, Liz’s daily life is consumed by hunger and a constant concern for the safety of her parents. Eventually, she stops going to school, and before long winds up living on the streets. While fighting constantly to feed herself and find somewhere to sleep, Liz comes to understand what’s important in life and makes a vow to better herself.

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