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After by Anna Todd


Why you should read this book:

After by Anna Todd offers readers pulse-quickening sex scenes, a main character you can’t help but feel for and head-spinning drama. If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing a passionate, knock you off your feet romance or pictured yourself as a character in a teen drama, then this book is for you.

Why you shouldn’t read this book:

  • Characters who don’t use conjunctions when they speak drives you crazy.
  • You prefer a more sophisticated writing style.
  • You find teen drama gag-worthy.
  • You’re a huge romance skeptic.
  • Graphic sex scenes make you uncomfortable.

What After by Anna Todd is about:

Tessa starts her first year at Washington Central University, and she’s determined to get good grades and a great internship at a publishing house. Nothing will distract her goals. Until Hardin. Hardin is your typical bad boy — tattoos, piercings, tousled hair and a cocky British accent. But he’s also cruel. Although Tessa admires his looks, she can’t stand him until one night she finds herself alone with him. They kiss, and a passion ignites inside Tessa. Suddenly she can’t stay away from him, despite having a boyfriend back home. Hardin introduces Tessa to a world of sexual pleasure, and Tessa is falling for him hard. The only problem is that he’s so hot and cold. One minute he tells her she’s beautiful and the next he tells her she’s annoying, and he can’t stand her. Tessa refuses to be treated this way, and she tells Hardin so, but every time Tessa breaks free, Hardin pursues her, eventually convincing her that he loves her. Should Tessa believe him? Or will he break her heart? After will keep you guessing page after page.

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