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About The Books In My Bed

Hi. My name is Amanda and I’m the creator of The Books In My Bed (The BIMB).

I’m a bibliophile with a B.A. in Creative Writing. I love all genres of literature but I have no patience for bad books. I usually give a book 100 pages to draw me in and if I’m not having a good time, I give them the heave-ho. It doesn’t take a lot to satisfy me, but I know what I like and what I don’t.

As someone who’s gotten into bed with her fair share of disappointments, I felt that there needed to be a better way to know what to expect when we swiped right on a new book. I was tired of reading really long reviews that made a book sound fantastic only to start reading and discover that we weren’t suited for each other. I wanted to succinctly and clearly tell readers why a book may or may not be worth their time. Life is too short to waste on a book that doesn’t do it for you. I believe that every book should deliver ultimate satisfaction.

If you have a book you love that you think should be on this site please let me know by messaging me on Twitter (@TheBooksInMyBed), Instagram (@TheBookInMyBed) or Facebook (The Books In My Bed). You can also email me your suggestions at

I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Reading!

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